About the CLIA Charitable Foundation

As a full-service travel agency, Smart Travel and Incentives provides high-quality travel incentives to businesses in order to help them attract customers and increase sales. In addition to travel vouchers, Smart Travel and Incentives provides travel insurance and other travel-related services. Recognized as leaders in the travel industry, Smart Travel and Incentives maintains membership in the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

Below is a brief overview of the CLIA Charitable Foundation.

Question #1: What is the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)?

Answer #1: With a presence in Asia, Australasia, Europe, and North and South America, CLIA is recognized as the largest trade association in the world for the cruise industry. The organization provides a number of resources, including agent training, marketing communications, and research.

Question #2: What is the Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation (CICF) ?

Answer #2: Established in 1998, (CICF) is the philanthropic arm of CLIA. A nonprofit organization, the CICF supports various programs for youth, including basic life skills, literacy, and good citizenship.

Question #3: On what areas does the foundation focus?

Answer #3: CICF focuses on four distinct areas: community development, educational assistance, the environment, and public health initiatives.


Three Benefits of Travel Vouchers for Businesses

Travel vouchers offer an exciting way for businesses to entice potential clients into purchasing expensive services or items. The business purchases travel vouchers through a reputable travel agency, such as Smart Travel & Incentives, and then presents the clients with the vouchers.

1. Travel vouchers come in a range of options. Vouchers are available for hotel stays, airfare, and cruises. Some vouchers include meals with the lodging, while others are for lodging only. Businesses choose the best options for their needs and budgets.

2. The vouchers do not expire for quite some time. In most cases, the client has 18 months to use the voucher for the travel services listed on the front.

3. Arrangements for all voucher travel take place through a professional travel agency like Smart Travel & Incentives. The company is a member of International Airlines Travel Agents Network and the Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the Airlines Reporting Corporation certified Smart Travel.